About The Firm

Jan Dudensing

Attorney | Jan Dudensing founded The Law Firm of Jan Dudensing in 2011 after working for over a decade for prominent attorneys in the Sacramento area. In 2003, while completing law school, Ms. Dudensing had the opportunity to work with Ed Dudensing. At the time, Mr. Dudensing’s practice areas were Personal Injury, Elder Abuse and Victims of Crime. After law school, Ms. Dudensing began working for an attorney who specialized in the 2008 mortgage crisis. All of these practice areas shared a common theme – the need to advocate for victims who often could not be heard and were in need of a voice. Ms. Dudensing’s passion was truly to be that voice for these victims. Her passion remains the same today.

In 2013, the California Homeowner Bill of Rights (HBOR) gave distressed homeowners a vehicle to hold banks accountable for unlawfully foreclosing on their homes. Ms. Dudensing immediately used this new law to help people save their homes. In one such case, her success in suing under the new law made the front page of the Sacramento Bee. Since then, Ms. Dudensing has saved numerous homes. HBOR has become one of the focal points of her practice. Because of this, Ms. Dudensing worked closely with Saskia Kim and former State Senator Noreen M. Evans to co-author an appellate brief in an important HBOR case. The case, which is presently on appeal, is a case of first impression and the outcome is of the utmost importance to California’s Homeowner Bill of Rights. While working closely on the project, Ms. Dudensing and Ms. Kim realized that they shared the same passion for advocating for victims. As a result, Ms. Dudensing and Ms. Kim have decided to create a partnership to further their mutual interest of fighting for victims: whether it be victims of banks’ HBOR violations, the unfortunate victims of automobile accidents and crime, or the unexplainable victims of elder abuse.

Ms. Dudensing earned her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of California, Davis. Upon graduation, Ms. Dudensing was awarded automatic admittance to CSUS for post-graduate work in Mathematics based on her academic success while at UCD. While attending graduate school, Ms. Dudensing began working for a law firm and found that the logic learned in math easily transferred to skills essential to becoming an attorney. Ms. Dudensing applied to McGeorge School of Law, where she was accepted on a partial academic scholarship. While attending McGeorge, Ms. Dudensing worked in the Victim of Crimes clinic. She immediately found a sense of great satisfaction in being a victim’s advocate. Therefore, when forming her own practice, she decided to focus on areas of law which furthered her passion as a victim’s advocate. Ms. Dudensing’s prior practice included victims of crime, victims of real estate fraud, and personal injury. Ms. Dudensing began working with Christopher Buckley in 2013, where she began to learn Elder Abuse law. While in practice with Mr. Buckley, the firm negotiated seven-figure settlements in Elder Abuse cases. Meanwhile, Ms. Kim worked with Ed Dudensing on an important Elder Abuse project. Ms. Dudensing and Ms. Kim once again found a mutual passion for another area of law – Elder Abuse. Because of this, they plan on taking what they have learned so far and using their combined skills to dedicate a portion of their practice to Elder Abuse.

Saskia Kim

Attorney | A member of the State Bar of California since 2001, Saskia Kim was Chief Counsel to the California Senate Judiciary Committee when the Legislature passed the Homeowner Bill of Rights (HBOR) in 2012. Ms. Kim was a key drafter of this landmark legislation, which provided homeowners with important protections in foreclosure proceedings and gave them the ability to bring an action to sue to enforce its protections. Ms. Kim worked hard to ensure that important homeowner protections were included in the statute. Prior to this, she was counsel to the California Assembly Judiciary Committee and a legislative aide in the U.S. Congress. In 2006, Ms. Kim was awarded an Ian Axford Fellowship in Public Policy and was based at the Ministry of Justice and Office of the Privacy Commissioner in Wellington, New Zealand.

Most recently, Ms. Kim has had the opportunity to work with both Jan Dudensing and Ed Dudensing as a contract attorney. Ms. Kim drafted the Appellant’s Opening Brief with Ms. Dudensing and former State Senator Noreen M. Evans in an important HBOR case raising novel legal issues currently before the Third District Court of Appeal. She also had the opportunity to work with Mr. Dudensing, a leading elder abuse attorney, on an important elder abuse case. In all of these capacities, Ms. Kim has been fortunate to be able to pursue her passion for consumer protection and ensuring that victims’ voices are heard. It is a passion that she shares with Ms. Dudensing. As a result, they have decided to create a partnership and work together to fight for people who need a voice.

Ms. Kim earned a Juris Doctor degree from Northeastern University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Vassar College.

Sukhtej Atwal

Associate Attorney | Ms. Atwal is admitted to practice in the State of California. She joined Dudensing & Kim Law, LLP in 2015 and practices in the areas of personal injury and home foreclosures. Ms. Atwal earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Communications from the University of California, Davis in 2010. Ms. Atwal earned her Juris Doctor degree from Barry University School of Law in 2014, where she was admitted on a partial scholarship. Since being admitted to the California State Bar, Ms. Atwal has made several court appearances. She is also fluent in Punjabi. Ms. Atwal is a member of the California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA) and the American Bar Association.

Patty Paniagua

Legal Administrator | Ms. Paniagua received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a minor in Social Work from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she was admitted on a scholarship for her success in volleyball. Ms. Paniagua is currently working on completing her Juris Doctor degree here in Sacramento. Ms. Paniagua discovered her passion for the judicial system when she completed legal courses during her undergraduate program. She became passionate about ensuring that everyone’s legal rights are respected and especially felt compassion for those who experience injustice due to a lack of guidance, especially those with Hispanic backgrounds. Ms. Paniagua is fluent in Spanish. Ms. Paniagua loves her work for Dudensing & Kim Law, LLP because of the firm’s team effort of being a voice for those in need of one.